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More Gift Ideas For Hot Tub Owners

by | Dec 16, 2021

The holiday season is upon us! We are all looking forward to reuniting with loved ones, sharing joyful moments and spoiling them.

What do you get for someone who has everything? How can you give your loved ones the gift of relaxation? What about getting a gift for your favourite host? If you have ever asked yourself these questions before, you are not alone! 

Many people struggle with finding the perfect gift for the person they appreciate the most. If you have trouble deciding what to get your favourite person, keep reading! 


Floating Lights

Light up your nights with floating hot tub lights. Most floating lights will give you anywhere up to 10 hours of use throughout the day. They can also change colors or be set to just one color for even more added fun. With different modes and features to choose from floating lights make a great gift no matter the weather or season.

Submersible LED Light will float to the bottom of the hot tub to provide an illuminated personal spa experience. They are remote controlled so you can easily chang colors.

Hot Tub Cover Lifter

If you’re looking for something a little smaller we have some other recommendations for you! A hot tub Cover Lifter can be a great gift for your frequent hot tub user. We have something that will work for you, from cabinet mount assist covers to cabinet free covers. A Cover Lifter allows you to lift your spa cover quickly and safely locked at the end of your soak. 

Cover Lifter Cabinet Mount Assist

Waterproof Playing Cards

Waterproof playing cards make for a great stocking stuffer! Waterproof playing cards are great by themselves or you could get a floating game table to go along with it. These cards are perfect for a fun night of relaxation and laughs with friends.

3 tier hot tub storage step

Storage Steps

If you have a friend who is known for their clutter, storage steps might just be the perfect gift for them! Our storage steps are the perfect solution for creating an easy entrance to your tub while providing a great solution for any storage issues. These steps also provide a great opportunity for any out-of-spa seating. In addition, the individual bins provide easy access to toys, towels, accessories or you can even double it as a beverage cooler! 

A Place To Hang Towels

Nothing makes a hot tub better than being able to slip into a cozy robe after a soak (especially in the winter). Give your loved one the comfort of walking to and from your hot tub, by gifting them some cozy towels or a robe. We also recommend getting one of our Cedar Wood Robe Trees to keep your towels and robes dry! Online has a great selection of robes ranging from something plush, funny, or even personalized to give the perfect gift that will actually get used. 

cedar wood robe tree
Arctic Ocean All Weather Pool Swim Spa

All Weather Pool

Of course, we believe that the ultimate gift you can give a loved one is an All Weather Pool. An All Weather Pool is the perfect solution if you are looking for a year-round opportunity to relax, exercise, and play. These pools especially fitting if your climate or yard won’t sustain a pool and a hot tub. By purchasing one of our out All Weather Pools you will be able to provide maximum therapy with an opportunity for exercise. 

If you struggle to find the perfect gift for your hot tub lover. Hopefully, these products provide you with some fun and unique gift giving ideas. From all of us at Arctic Spas®, we wish you a safe and happy holiday season.